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Hiking Pestera

Hike through to Wonderland: Hiking Pestera

We believe that everything and everybody is connected. That’s why we have created this unique trip, “Hiking Pestera”, where you will find plenty of space and quiet to reconnect to nature. If you love the outdoors and would like to try something new, this trip might be for you.

Hiking PesteraPeople that have visited Pestera Village have fallen in love for life with it and are always willing to return here. Many say that time seems to have stopped here. People still live like in the olden days, and simpler ways. Even if there is a hotel and pension here and there, it is generally not easy to find accommodation in the area. That’s because the places are limited and everyone seems to want to spend a few nights here.

What to know about “Hiking Pestera” ?

Hiking Pestera is a one day hiking trip that we have designed for other travelers to visit this place. We strongly believe that almost everyone will be willing to come back. This place simply has a magic of it’s own. The paths are wide and are free of dangerous cliffs. That’s why it’s also a great trip for children. There are many tourists and children discovering the area, especially during the warmer days. You should have enough water with you for a 5 – 6 hour hike. Also, a small amount of food is desirable to have. If you’d like to taste local produce, we might be able to help.

Hiking Pestera – feel the gifts of nature

You should know that the “Hiking Pestera” trip is basically a blend and will also take you to the nearby village, Magura. In Pestera Village, you will discover “Pestera Liliecilor”, or “The Bats’ Cave”. Worry not. Bats are generally friendly and tend to avoid people. This cave is also optional, but you should know that it is now a natural national monument. It has no electric light, thus a head torch may become necessary.

Still not convinced?

If you’re still wondering if “Hiking Pestera” might be for you or not really, you can visit our Hiking Pestera and Magura Villages page and find out more. You can also book a trip and pay on arrival. We organize private groups only. Children are welcomed also. If you’d like us to offer you some suggestions about other areas that you can visit whilst around, we are happy to do that, too. So join us today and discover something new!

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